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What's the POOP?

What's In That POOP?

One of the services we offer our poop scooping clients is not only giving them a clean yard for their fur babies to play in, but elminating the possibility of fecus being tracked into the home. We also can alert our pet parents on a pets health.

A few weeks have gone by and we noticed one of our clients dogs had tape worms filled in in their stools, and some runny poop throuh-out the yard. These dogs, couldn't tell their mom and dad that they were sick and not feeling well.

Lucky for our client that he has a poop scooping service who services his yard twice a week and the experience to know what was wrong and report it to him. Often times we see socks, paper towels, and other non carnivore debris in the stools. These are all telling signs that an animal is bored, or getting into mischief. All of these items could cause blockages if consumed in enough volume to block the anus from elimination.

Even if you hire a professional, take a walk outside and see what your dogs are up to- it could help save their life!

We would like you to know that dog poop is really gross, it is filled with so many pest and parasites! We see it every day...filled with flies,magets,worms, all kinds of crawlers.

Choose The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services to come pickup and remove your pets poop for you! It is so worth it!!


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