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FAQ, The Poop Squad

The Poop Squad  Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services


The Poop Squad  Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services

Most frequently asked questions and answers.

1. How often does "The Poop Squad" come out?

A-Most of our customers prefer once a week services.

2. What are your rates?

A-You will be provided a free estimate sent to your email for the services you are requesting. (Our rates are based on average 1/2 acre)

3. What if it rains?

A- We work year round in all types of weather, if it is unsafe weather conditions, we will reschedule your services for later in the week.

4. What about holidays?

A-No services on major holidays.If service falls on a holiday, we will give you an alternate day of service. Your normal service resumes the following week.

5. Should I unlock my gate?

A- Yes, on your scheduled day of service, we must have access to your yard or you will be charged a $29.00 service call fee.

6. Can you work with my dogs in the yard?

A- Yes, we get along with dogs, but if you know your dog is not good with strangers, or it is unsafe for us to enter. We ask that you remove your dog(s) from the yard for your scheduled cleaning service day. Safety first a must!

7. If I want to skips a service day?

A- We will not charge, if you let us know 24 hours in advance. If your dog will be gone from the yard, for a period of time and services are not needed, we will put a hold on your account and you will not be charged.

8. How do I pay my bill?

A- We accept cash, check,credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American express) and visiting our website and making your payment through pay pal. You may want to pay for your services by setting us up as a payee through your on-line banking institution

9. Are there any contracts I have to sign?

A- No, we can start and stop your services over the phone, 713-502-7175. NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED. There is no minimum service period. We require a 24 hour notice, if you wish to cancel your service please.


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