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Waste removal services


  • DOG Waste can ruin your yard and change the appearance of your property.
  • DOG Waste stinks and is unpleasant to step in.
  • DOG Waste if not scooped and removed before mowing gets on your equipment.
  • Dog Waste contains bacteria and parasites, when left to accumulate. It attracts disease carrying pest.
  • Dog Waste can team up with other bacteria, which can cause serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, and diarrhea in humans.
  • When infected dog poop comes into contact with your lawn the poop eventually "disappears", but the parasites eggs linger for years!
  • When humans or animals come into contact with the soil through every-day activities like walking, barefoot, gardening, or playing. They risk infection from those eggs......

We offer waste removal services that will save you time and money.

  • POOP "doesn't just wash away or disappear." If your not disposing of your dogs waste, then your putting yourself, your family, your dog, and your water supply at risk.

Twenty years ago, the EPA Classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant.

The CDC confirms pet waste can spread parasites including Hookworms, Ringworms, Tapeworms, and Salmonella.

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