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Getting a puppy?

You have been planning this for a long time, maybe years, and now it's finally time to bring home a new puppy! You have checked your new puppy checklist and you're certain that you're ready. You have stocked up with all things puppy, dog food, treats, toys, crate, bedding, shampoo, hair brushes, blankets. You have programmed in your phone a trainer, groomer, pet sitter, dog walker, and a vetranarian. 

You double checked to make sure the cabinet is full of dog food because puppies eat a lot of  food and that also means puppies poop ALOT!

We are talking piles upon piles of puppy poop. ..We are talking your yard is about to turn into puppy poop bombs all over the yard. Watch out you just might slip into one! Maybe you have bought a poop rake, some disposable bags, or maybe a Big shovel?  You find that maybe this was more poop to pick up then you have time for? Maybe you were picking it up but your schedule has taken you away and now your back yard has become a MINDSWEEPER or bending over isn't so easy on your back. Maybe you find it to be so disgusting and the yard is too big to pick it all up?

There is HELP! Poop scooping companies like The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services can come to your rescue! We pick the poop up so you don't have to. We pickup the poop and haul it away as if it was never there. By having a poop scooping service your pet will have a clean and healthy environment. Your yard and family will not have to be concerned about stepping in it and the lawn man will Thank You!

We are reliable and trusted by each of our customers. And Best of all ...we are incredibly affordable at services starting as little as $12.00 per a week. So do not get caught up in picking up your dogs pet waste...... contact us and we will gladly come to your rescue!

Contact The Poop Squad Today  713-502-7175

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