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Pet Sitter Services, Houston

The Poop Squad  Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services

PET SITTING SERVICES - Pet Sitter Services

Dog and Cat Sitting

If you have to be away from your Pets let us take care of them while you are gone.

We will feed, water, and let the dogs out in the back yard to exercise and play for 30 minutes.

If requested we will walk them for 30 minutes.

We understand that it's not always easy to leave them at a kennel. We will come to them and care for them in their HOME and ENVIRONMENT! Animals are creatures of habit, left in their Home and Environment allows them to keep the same schedules without disruption to their lives.

Dog and Cat Sitting

*Initial Consultation is Required/ $20.00 without booking a reservation

*Key pickup/drop off $15.00 per trip

A initial Consultation is required before confirmation of a booking. This visit is to discuss the level of care required for your animal(s). To answer any questions you may have, and to become acquainted with your fury family.

We will have to have all paperwork completed prior to booking.

*We will require payment in advance for all Sitter Services.*

Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting Cost Hourly

$20.00 hourly rate for longer visits.

PREMIUM Pet Sitting - $100.00

(4 hours of continuous care)

Your animals enjoy 4 hours of care. They will receive all the amenities included with all other services, plus unlimited dog walks, potty breaks, playtime, and companionship. Premium Pet Sitting is the next Best thing to you being home with them!

*Over Night Pet Sitting and Boarding with Us!

Starting at $31.00 - $79.00 for Dogs

Starting at $35.00 - $50.00 for Cats

*Our over night stay is by appointment only.

Dog Sitting Services

$25.00 per a visit (30 minutes)

$ 3.00 each additional pet (dog or cat)

$ 1.00 per additional small animal (cage, aquarium)

Cat Sitting Services

$20.00 per a visit (30 minutes)

$ 3.00 for each additional cat

$ 1.00 for each additional small animal (cage, aquarium)

*If you prefer more time to be spent with your Pet(s) No Problem!

We are animal lovers HERE for animal lovers!

Special Request

Administer Medicine

$1.75 per pill, vitamin, oral liquids, eye drops, or ear drops

$3.50 to administer injections (insulin, etc.)

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